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About Me

Dr. Yosef is an integrative physician who treats chronically ill patients with elusive illnesses like CFS and Lyme disease by identifying the root causes of illness through specialized testing including EAV and through addressing underlying neuroendocrine and gastrointestinal imbalances and toxic overload.

Dr. Yosef focuses on creating the right “Millieu” or environment in the body through customized detoxification techniques while removing any obstacles to cure in the order of priority that the body requires. Dr. Yosef's unique background in electrical engineering prompted him to look at the body from a different perspective as conventionally taught. He understands the body as an integrated model of complex biological, physiological, neurological, endocrine and electromagnetic systems which interact and communicate with one another in an effort to help the body adapt to its environment while maintaining optimal function and minimum energy expenditure.

Dr. Yosef integrates concepts and techniques from EAV testing according to Dr. Voll and Dr. Abram Ber, Bioresonance and Applied kinesiology testing, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Neural therapy, Biological Medicine as taught by Dr. Rau, who is one of the leading figures in biological medicine and neural therapy in Europe and North America. Dr. Yosef has received advanced training and certification in Biological Medicine and Sanum remedies from Dr. Thomas Rau. He also received advanced training in oxidative therapies particularly in Prolozone from

Dr. Shallenberger via the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and Dr. Robert Rowen. Dr. Yosef has also received training in Neural therapy and had the privilege and pleasure of being a founder of North American Association of Neural Therapists (NAANT).

Dr. Yosef integrates a variety of therapies in his practice including IV and injection therapy, orthomolecular medicine (high therapeutic doses vitamins and minerals), herbal medicine, neural therapy, homeopathy, nutrition as well a variety of therapeutic devices. Dr. Yosef customizes individualized treatment plans for each patient based on testing results and a patient’s needs and goals.

Dr. Yosef also had the honor and privilege of working side by side with the world-renowned Homeopathic doctor, Dr Abram Ber, MD(H) for about 2 years. Dr. Abram Ber was originally trained as an anesthesiologist and was a graduate of McGill University. Dr. Ber became a leader in the field of “alternative” medicine in North America  and played a crucial role in the development of the homeopathic medical board in Arizona (AHIMA) of which he became the first licensee. The homeopathic medical board AHIMA made it possible for doctors to practice homeopathy, biological medicine, oral and intravenous orthomolecular therapies, neural therapy and many other modalities which were not previously recognized or even known in North America in the 1970s.

Dr. Yosef is humbled by and appreciates the opportunities he has had to learn from and work alongside some truly amazing physicians. Dr Yosef obtained his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and his medical training from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON. Dr. Yosef is also part of the Scientific Advisory Board for New Life Ventures.

Dr. Yosef has been married for close to 17 years and he and his wife, Rose, are working together on raising 4 wonderful children in Scottsdale, AZ where they currently live. Dr. Yosef is the owner of the Optimal health Wellness Integrative Clinic (OHWC) in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

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